Intuitive Business Consulting

Owners of a Business The owner of a business dictates the initial energy of the business. So it is imperative to take responsibility for your business as its success will reflect the owner’s attractor pattern. Your attractor pattern will reflect in all aspects of your life. Through Relationships, Projects, and Business they will have allContinue reading “Intuitive Business Consulting”

Medical Intuitive Session

Using Medical Intuition and energy medicine we can look into the body to “see” disease or injuries and how the event happened. You will become aware of old habits and patterns that no longer serve you and your true path will be enlightened. Insights can reveal how to protect your self from being injured againContinue reading “Medical Intuitive Session”

Detoxing Foot Bath

Ionic Foot Bath Treatment Each treatment takes 30 minutes Ionic Foot Bath is a half hour foot soak that increases positive energy to healthy cells and pulls out negative energy like toxins, cellular debris, mold, and foreign metals. With this deep cleanses, clients will witness how their immune systems will have a renewed start andContinue reading “Detoxing Foot Bath”

Custom Flower Essence with Medical Intuition Therapy

Available anytime as an individual service – Included in Medical Intuitive Sessions. Flower Essences come in dropper bottles that have a vinegar-water base the holds the energy/frequency of specific healing flowers. By placing a few drops under the tongue your energy can be strengthened and balanced which can have lasting effects. Flower Essences help balanceContinue reading “Custom Flower Essence with Medical Intuition Therapy”

Recording of Medical Intuitive Reading of “The Aura of Attraction” Results 12/9/11

Hello Everyone just wanted to share with you the Recording of the Webinar that was on December 9th. We go over a little of the anatomy of the Chakra system and the polarity of what we attract. I also go over a few peoples Results from “The Aura of Attraction”. I have just publishedContinue reading “Recording of Medical Intuitive Reading of “The Aura of Attraction” Results 12/9/11″

Webinar: Get your Results interpreted from “The Aura of Attraction” App

The First Webinar for “The Aura of Attraction” is on! Come Join Jacob Caldwell December 9th @ 3:30p (Pacific) for the first of many Webinars to explore deeper into the realm of how your energy works and what you can do about it. In this Webinar we will go over a little anatomy of theContinue reading “Webinar: Get your Results interpreted from “The Aura of Attraction” App”

Is there more than just Food when it comes to the Weight Issue?

Here are 3 big emotional categories on how and why people hold on to their weight. 1. Giving too much of your self away 2. Too Empathetic 3. Suppressing your feelings Emotionally and constantly giving away your energy to others is a big drain on our system. We must teach others how to “be” notContinue reading “Is there more than just Food when it comes to the Weight Issue?”