A Cause of Migraines

As humans when we connect to the universe there is a cord to our physical body just like a computer plugs into the internet.

Our connection to Light and Universal Information comes through the top of our aura and connects and enters into the back of our head at the top of our spine. This is where we receive our purpose and the information of what to do next.

A common theme that affects this area is people trying to dominate or control others. Examples are Parents being overbearing to their children, Armies taking control of their troops, and Cult Leaders asking for all your money.

People with control issues, due to lack of trust of themselves and others will implant physic energy on to their victims. People allowing themselves to be controlled by this do so to be accepted and appease the more dominate person.

The migraine or chronic headache occurs because the victim has been implanted on the etheric level. On the physical level they will tighten the muscles in the back of their head trying to defy being taken over. Over time the back of the neck will become very tight cutting off the blood supply to the head causing the Migraine.

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