Is there more than just Food when it comes to the Weight Issue?

Here are 3 big emotional categories on how and why people hold on to their weight.
1. Giving too much of your self away
2. Too Empathetic
3. Suppressing your feelings

Emotionally and constantly giving away your energy to others is a big drain on our system. We must teach others how to “be” not “do” it for them. If you are constantly supplementing other peoples energy for them that leaves no energy for you. You may keep the weight on to protect yourself from being emotionally drained.

Being too empathic is thinking everything is about you, this is not true. Empaths would do well to really be discerning with others. Empaths tap in to the universal plane and can feel everything. This talent is like reading the Universal Newspaper, but it can feel like everything is your fault. Know what you are responsible for and not what others are responsible for.

Suppressing your feelings and not saying what you want is like a dam not releasing pressure. Weight is sometimes affected by hypothyroidism, which is the throat. Not speaking up can lead to depression, frustration, and disempowerment. Be clear on what you want and take time to express your feelings.

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Medical Intuitive
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