FAQ of a Medical Intuitive Session

1. What does a typical intuitive reading consist of…is it purely medical, or does it include other aspects?

My style is about translating Medical Terms into Simple words for people to understand what their Disease, Trauma, or issue is about.
With this knowledge people are more empowered to take on their issues and can better understand how the health of their body works.

I feel it does not empower people to focus on having a disease like Cancer, Diabetes, or Fibromyalgia…No one knows what this means, only that you may die soon or need a lot of drugs.
Helping people understand how diseases are caused is my specialty. I will teach you about the Mind/Body connection and help you achieve greater awareness of yourself and your body.
I will give you a few examples that I have seen in my practice. A common theme I see with people with Cancer is that they give too much of their energy away. When you give too much of your energy away to others there may be nothing left to protect yourself.
Breast Cancer – Too much Heart Energy
Brain Cancer – Too Much Thinking and/or Toxin Inhalation
Prostate Cancer – Too much withholding of Physical Affection.
Environment Cancer – Too much energy to keep toxins away from you.

(“Too Much”, means 3-10 times the normal person)

Our bodies are always telling us what we need; we just need to learn to listen. Sometimes we need support to interpret the signals our bodies are giving us. I like to call myself a Body-Mind interpreter as we need interpretation for the messages we receive.

2. Are your sessions performed strictly in person or do you also provide “distant” readings?

I am available to do long distance consulting and healing as energy knows no space or time.

3. Do you record or provide written documentation of the session(s)?

I can record sessions upon request. The session will be boiled down to a theme that can be easily understood and remembered. Also the Custom Flower Essence will add as a reminder as well.

4. How long have you worked as a medical intuitive and what is your background in the field of energy medicine/healing?

I have been a Medical Intuitive for 10 years. Also a Massage Therapist for the last 7 years.
I have studied a variety of other energy therapies. There are few people who teach Medical Intuitive Diagnosis, although the people who do are mostly self taught. You can’t fake this modality…you can either do it or you can’t and this will be proven in the first session.

In my sessions I am able to key in on my clients issues and health concerns with no prior information. I am also more than happy to work on specific issues any client has in mind. I will sense which issues are right for you to work on and address these in the order I feel will best support you.

5. What are your hourly professional rates/fees?

Medical Intuitive Session-$120 an hour.
Medical Intuitive Package-$300 includes 3 sessions within 5 weeks. ($60 off the Hourly Price)

I believe the Medical Intuitive Package is one of the best plans I offer. Health is all about the path that we live. Getting one session here and there may not be enough for people to put all the pieces together. I have found doing a session every other week is a nice program to integrate the sessions and then get ready for the next issue. Working on a few issues in 5 weeks helps to fully integrate the healing process. I am here to help you understand how the human energy system works.

6. How does one go about arranging an intuitive session with you?

Calling or email is good.

7. Are you ready for a Medical Intuitive Session?

It has been quite a learning experience to know who is ready for these sessions. Those who get the most out of my session have a willingness to take responsibility for their health and they know what issues they need to work on. They are willing to make hard decisions and have a desire to change their lives for the better. All they need is a bit of insight… And that is where I come in.
I don’t end a session into I feel satisfied…that means the client understands the work and the goals we set together for the future.
If you are looking for someone to do the work for you and you expect to walk through the door and lay on the table and think you will be healed…you will be continually disappointed no matter who you see.
I cannot do it for you and no one can….all any healer can do is inspire and guide…we show where pain is and how it gets there. We give you scenarios’ and exercises to strengthen your weaknesses and create the life you truly want. Ultimately it is up to you to carry this new awareness and make decisions on your path.
All this is done in the present…in the moment of every moment is where you recreate your experience…what do you want to do with it now? Continue the same loop of depression and disappointment or take the empowered hopeful path? The choice is yours and it is that easy…and it is also that hard. Know that there is always help on the way….if you ask.


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