Allergies is a Message from the Nervous System

Allergies is your body’s nervous system reacting to whatever the irritant is that it can’t take any anymore of it. If one is already holding on to too much emotional trauma you are already taxing your nervous system. If you are already irritated in your daily life the exposure to something naturally irritating will exasperateContinue reading “Allergies is a Message from the Nervous System”

Afternoon Fatigue – Lack of Water?

Medical Intuitive Each hour of the day is ruled by a specific organ and afternoon fatigue may be about how much water you drink today and yesterday. The hours of 3-7p are ruled by the Element of Water. The Bladder and the Kidney Meridians. If you have been not drinking enough water, dehydrated, or justContinue reading “Afternoon Fatigue – Lack of Water?”

The Correct Technique on How to Walk

I believe most injury pain below the hips are due to the way we walk. Tight muscles in the legs will pull hip, knee, and ankle joints out of place. When bones are pulled out of place the joints don’t have enough room to move thus causing such symptoms as arthritis and excessive joint pain.Continue reading “The Correct Technique on How to Walk”