The Correct Technique on How to Walk

I believe most injury pain below the hips are due to the way we walk. Tight muscles in the legs will pull hip, knee, and ankle joints out of place. When bones are pulled out of place the joints don’t have enough room to move thus causing such symptoms as arthritis and excessive joint pain.

Our mind tells our body how to move. If we are depressed you won’t walk upright and will start to lean forward. This will put more weight on your knees as your body has to counter the weight from always leaning forward. Walking upright and having correct posture technique will give your body more strength thus alleviating the stress one will put on there body.

The more you are empowered to watch you own health the less you will need emergency care. See my article on “How to walk consciously and correctly”.

Jacob Caldwell, LMP
Medical Intuitive


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