Upcoming Events:

“The Aura of Attraction Workshop” Friday evening, Feb 17 7 pm to 9 pm $5
Metaphysical Library
2220 NW Market St., L-05
Ballard, WA 98107
(206) 329-1794

Past Events:

For Massage Therapists CEU Credits:

Behind the Veil of Cancer: Truth Options and the Secrets to why there is no Cure.

Snohomish AMTA Chapter 2011

Introduction to Medical Intuition
Renton AMTA Chapter 2010

For the Public:

Behind the Veil of Cancer: Truth, Options, & the Secrets to Why There is No Cure 2011

Business Events:

Setting the foundations for Internet marketing to connect with new clients and launch ahead of the fray. 2011

The Contribution Networking Series – “The Telephone Game” 2009

The Laws of Attraction: How we create success in business and cause our diseases. 2007

Networking with the Energy of the Earth: Increase the energy flow to your home and business 2007


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