Detoxing Foot Bath

Ionic Foot Bath Treatment

Each treatment takes 30 minutes
Ionic Foot Bath is a half hour foot soak that increases positive energy to healthy cells and pulls out negative energy like toxins, cellular debris, mold, and foreign metals. With this deep cleanses, clients will witness how their immune systems will have a renewed start and optimum functioning organs. Results with some clients have resulted in increased energy, healthier skin, and weight loss.

Recommend One Session a week.


Ionic Foot Baths are great to have after every session. People report sleeping better that night and feel more energetic the next few days. Some people report feeling bogged down after a massage; this is due to your liver and kidneys being overwhelmed by the release of toxins. The Ionic Foot Bath helps clean out toxins and support these organs.

Receive 25% off an Ionic Foot Bath with a Massage or Intuitive Session.
It is strongly recommended that you check with your physician before under taking any change in you health regime.
The Web Site of the Machine I use . For those looking to buy an Ionic Foot Bath I strongly endorse Bionic Hydrotherapy as they are local to Seattle and have given me great service.

Is Your Body Hanging Onto Harmful Toxins?
~ Is chronic pain a part of your daily life?
~ Do you suffer excessive or successive illnesses?
~ How is your mental focus (clarity)?
~ Are allergies causing you distress?
~ How would you describe your energy levels?
~ Your moods?
~ Do you retain fluids – swelling or edema?
~ Is your digestion and/or elimination in dire straits?
~ Are your suffering with chronic joint pain?

Benefits of Releasing Toxins
• Increased energy
• Decreased chronic pain
• Improved quality of rest
• Increased overall well-being
• Strengthened immune system
• Decreased symptoms and chronic illness
• Improved mental clarity and mood stabilization
• Less congestion and decreased allergy symptoms
• Decreased fluid retention and increase circulation

Toxins are Colorful



Ross Krzysko
Jacob set me up with the ionic foot bath and it was amazing that black and brown toxins were coming out of my skin through my feet. I felt great afterward. I felt lighter and refreshed. I recommend this treatment from Jacob. Looked some thing like this: newcelldetox link


2 thoughts on “Detoxing Foot Bath

  1. Or, Ross Krzysko, it could just be that you fell for the sheer quackery that is an “ionic foot bath”. The supposed ‘toxins’ were nothing more than the electrolytic corrosion of the metal electrodes placed alongside your feet in the salted water.

    Lighter and more refreshed, you say? Yeah, probably of the dib$ or hard-earned cash this Jacob guy conned you out of.

    1. Hey Matt, This is a typical response I hear. People think the foot bath is quackery. All of these people, are the same people who never have put their feet in the water. Quite judgemental and ignorant. You can’t scam a feeling. Yes, I have turned the machine on by itself and ran it. About 5% of what you see is from the machine itself, the water, the pipes the water travel though and the air. So what is the other 95%? I have had many people who have screws, rods, plates in them from broken bones. A tremendous amount of metal will come out and they talk about a lot of pain relief from the Foot Bath. I suggest to try things about before you mock them otherwise you will be the one whose comments are quackery.

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