Light Steam Wand w/ your next Session

The Light Stream Wand created by David Sereda will start to be assimilated into Jacob Caldwell’s Massage and Energy Work practice. David Sereda a Musician and Physicist has discovered the math that was used to build the Giza Pyramids, Arc of the Covenant, and a lot of sacred temples around the world. He has incorporatedContinue reading “Light Steam Wand w/ your next Session”

Anxiety – What is it? What to do.

Anxiety Anxiety is a very common issue as it will probably coexist within every emotional issue that we have. Anxiety is filled with worry and fear wondering what we supposed to do and where to go. In this fear state, the adrenals produce more adrenaline and the nervous system is taxed which promotes tension andContinue reading “Anxiety – What is it? What to do.”

An Imbalance of Chakra Energy is Equal to leaving a Window open in the Winter

Your chakra energy body is just like a house. It is a container that stores and holds your energy. If you have a crack in the foundation of your house, cold air will get in which will result in a larger than usual heating bill. You may ask yourself why is this bill so high?Continue reading “An Imbalance of Chakra Energy is Equal to leaving a Window open in the Winter”

Walking Correctly Part 8 of 10: Mental Manifesting

As a Medical Intuitive I have learned that the source of pain and disease starts in your [Download Free Book for Answer] interpretation of the world. The body’s health is the direct result and reflection of your Mind’s health. When the mind decides to create something there is a specific process that happens from theContinue reading “Walking Correctly Part 8 of 10: Mental Manifesting”