Spirituality – How and Why we Connect



When we are in balance and are clear, this is where our lives become easy and blissful. Disconnecting from these connections is how we get lost and sick. A measure of how connected you are is answering this: “How satisfying is your life, the quality of your health, and abundance?”

I have found that anxiety and stress are the biggest symptoms of disconnection from the male connection. The purpose of why we are here and all the answers that we need comes from the male connection. Stress and anxiety come from thinking that everything is up to you and that you have to do everything yourself. This statement is stressful because without proper guidance, how do you know which way to go? Hence the anxiety.

If we do not start out by being connected with our original divine plan then we are merely guessing about what we are supposed to do. In this present dimension of space and time there is only so much of it and subconsciously we know there is a deadline and if we are falling behind… this is stress

Full Article at http://bit.ly/RVPSHn



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