Walking Correctly Part 8 of 10: Mental Manifesting

As a Medical Intuitive I have learned that the source of pain and disease starts in your [Download Free Book for Answer] interpretation of the world. The body’s health is the direct result and reflection of your Mind’s health.

When the mind decides to create something there is a specific process that happens from the initial identification of a problem all the way to a physical manifestation that remedies the situation. The same thing can be said about the technique of throwing a ball, if there is a problem with the throwing action somewhere, in the mind will be the same problem. A walking stride can exhibit the same pattern as the mind process. If one has a hiccup in the mind the body will copy and express the same hiccup. So pain and circumstance can reflect the same pattern you may be skipping in your mental manifestations.

In Part 3, I go over the 4 Stepping Points of the physical body. Really, I should start with the Mental Aspects of walking before the Physical aspects of walking. However, not a lot of people are ready to hear about the concept that you may be causing your own health demise. Also if you want to put your health back on your terms you are going to have to do your own research. I recommend getting multiple opinions for practitioners from different modalities. With the myriad of opinions I read between the lines and choose what I am going to do. People would rather blame others and genetics for their health problems. I can confidently tell you from my experience it does hurt at first, but if you can accept this concept, that you create your health, then you will see so many life improvements. When you take responsibility for your own health, your life will go from boring and hopeless to purposeful and joyful. Putting all your faith in others leaves you victim to others.

By being able to observe how my body works I have also been able to observe how my mind works and I have come up with these 4 Mental Step Points that correspond to the 4 Physical Step Points.

The 4 Mental Step Points:

1. Clear intention of dreams and desires.
2. Commit to Action.
3. [Download Free Book for Answer]
4. Accepting the Outcome.

Steps 1 & 2 both work with developing a clear plan and then deciding to fulfill it, as it relates to current wants and needs.
Steps 3-4 work with the actually “doing” of said intention and being responsible to see the plan out and accepting the good with the bad. Once this action is complete, reflection upon the outcome will determine what needs to be done for next time.
Both techniques of the spiritual mind connecting with the body are important factors that must be looked at. Using one or the other is not enough. The sum total will be added up in our overall physical and spiritual health. Every issue can be resolved if we focus on the physical symptoms and the mental issues. If the mind is the source of the pain just taking care of the body may delay resolutions and the issue will come up again later.

Ideally it is best to work with a variety of practitioners who work in different areas. A spiritual advisor or counselor is best for Spiritual and Mental guidance and on the physical level herbs and manual therapies. When you witness how each practitioner solves your issues then you can see the bigger part of the equation. If you only work with one practitioner then you may only see a small part of the big picture which may not make any sense.

In Part 2: Toes Forward 80% of the People walk with their toes outward and then there is the 20% of people walk with their toes inward.

The Mental Aspect of the 80% outward toe walkers

I have notice a pattern within each group in their Mental Step Points. When you walk with your toes outward you will roll Step Points 3 & 4 together at the same time. Specifically, Step Point 4 is being skipped. This point has to do with “Accepting the Outcome”. When you have your toes pointed outward this means you really don’t want to “get there”. Sometimes when we find out we have been doing something wrong we go into denial and don’t want to hear that we have been sabotaging a piece of ourselves for most of your life. It takes a lot of courage to be able to hear constructive criticism without becoming upset and taking it personal. What we should really be putting into our intention into is, “I want to be the best at what I do, so I will listen to all possible aspects that I may be doing wrong.” When you can listen to a coach or counselor giving you advice to improve your performance this will only enhance the outcome. The same goes with running a business, completing a project, or listening to your partner. By being open to hear guidance from others and hear the painful advice from your body, this will be the beginning of putting you on track for optimum health on your terms. Understanding how things truly work and then implementing them is the grand key to achieving enlightenment, soul purpose, and pure bliss.

The Mental Aspect of the 20% inward toe walkers.

The other 20% that walk with their toes pointed inwards are skipping Step Points 1 & 2. They are running on their toes and not hitting the heel. These people are usually in a big rush and are always falling forward. Because they have not clearly stated there goals on what they specifically want they have the feeling of always being behind. When you don’t state your goals then you do a lot of extra running around hoping you run into them. They are also in such a rush they will always overlook the opportunity because it has not manifested yet. One must be patient and allow your intention to manifest. It is a lot like throwing a ball; these people will throw the ball of intention and then expend all their energy to run to where the ball is landing. Then they get hit in the back of the head and they think for next time they just need to run faster. In fact all they need to do is trust that you are playing catch with the universe and you are supposed to throw the ball and let universe throw you back something better in return.

So inward toe walkers need to let that heel dig into the ground and SLOW DOWN. Be patient with where you are at because chasing your tail ends up in the same place that you started. Watch you will see that by slowing down you will get more things done and will waste way less time and resources.

So instead of slamming the door on the unwanted house guest called pain. Invite it in as a secret counsel for the next steps you need to take. Empowering ourselves and being responsible for our own lives brings clarity and purpose to living. We are shown everyday hints on how to lead our lives and pain is one those gifts. Embrace the messenger, and walk in peace.

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