Anxiety – What is it? What to do.


Anxiety is a very common issue as it will probably coexist within every emotional issue that we have. Anxiety is filled with worry and fear wondering what we supposed to do and where to go. In this fear state, the adrenals produce more adrenaline and the nervous system is taxed which promotes tension and constant worry.

Anxiety shortened aura

The Immune System or the Integrity Chakra which are made up by the Gall Bladder, Spleen, and Liver. Energetically these are responsible for what gets passed through the body. The energy of Integrity Chakra is about boundaries and the rules of energy. The common metaphor I like is they are the “guards of the gate” or the “Bouncers of the Club”. The Gall Bladder and the Spleen are the guards and the Liver is the Gate. The Gall Bladder and the Spleen are the enforcers of whom gets to pass through the gate. In a club setting, the Bouncers may be the ones collecting money and letting people in, however, they do not make the rules, they enforce them. The owner of the club organizes and shares the orders amongst the employees. It is up to the owner to instruct the bouncers to what the ticket cover is and the quality of people who are allowed in the club.

Let’s say the owner disappears and doesn’t tell the bouncers what to do. How do the bouncers know what the cover is or who to let in which will entail the funds that will cover the rent and expenses? This will cause some anxiety and confusion at the door of the club and could lead to the eventual closing of the club.

The upper chakras, “The Thinkers”, The Power Chakra to the Connections Chakra hold the information of what the Plan is and how to go about creating it. The Chakras below the heart “The Doers”, the Integrity Chakra to the Freedom Chakra, are the ones that carry out the plan.  If the Thinkers are not clear with what the plan is and cannot communicate to the Doers, then the Doers have to do it all, the Thinking and the Doing. Since Thinking is not part of the Doers strength then chaos and confusion is ensued. The balance of Thinking and Doing must be equal in expressing themselves to each other.

Anxiety is because one not being strong in their upper chakras leaving it up to the lower chakras to figure it out. If one leaves it up to the Doers to do everything then this energy gets wasted by guessing what to do next. Since the plan is not clear there is no guide to efficiency or happiness and at the end of the day only fear and failure will prevail.

The next illustration demonstrates what happens to the aura. When you are in constant worry your energy become concentrated around the Integrity Chakra and this will pull energy away from your 3 Connections and the Power Chakra. This is an affirmation that you do not believe in Source and you can figure everything out yourself. This is like disconnecting your computer from the Internet and you think you are going to be able to look up anything you want. However, you get a message that you are disconnected, now you are in Anxiety. In the Self-Practice Chapter is an exercise called “The Straw to God” which will help in expanding your energy so you can reach the Power Chakra which will plug you back into Source.

Anxiety shortened aura2

So, when one reaches an anxiety state it is a reminder that one forgot about supporting the plans of the upper chakras. Stop take a breath and repower the upper chakras to help with future situations.








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