Steps2Light Glyph Meditation Ep2

“Darkness turns Light”

“Darkness turns Light”

This glyph assists with dissolving illusions. When I was in mediation about this glyph I saw my hand in front of me and fear and illusions went transparent, and truth turned into techno-color. This showed me that this glyph will assist with separating fact from fiction. When there are two sides and we are unsure of which way to go, we ask for the truth and it will be revealed. Just how when you add water and oil together they will discerningly separate.

Often we think with our heads about what our heart wants. Your heart does not get confused with logic. When we connect our heart with the truth, it will become apparent. We have to let go of our programming and let in a new source. Which is the universal love from the Creator.

The second glyph is called the “Escaping Hanged-man”. In Tarot the “Hanged Man” is hanging upside down, his foot is in a loop but he can easily escape. This glyph is about assisting you in revealing how you self-sabotage yourself and how you can get it out of it.

Both of these glyph’s seems to have a theme of focusing in on your heart to find your truth and guide you to revealing who you really are.

“Escaping Hangman”


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