Steps2Light Glyph Meditations V1



These glyphs are for monthly meditation to assimilate the new coming energies.

You may download, print, and hang on your walls for the month. Once printed out, tap them and say “activate”. Look at them for a minute or two each day. If you have trouble sleeping with them in the same room, turn them over or put them in another room. Ask for your body to better assimilate them if you find them “uncomfortable”. This may mean you are getting new information and the old information is leaving you. This is an upgrade. It is good to meditate daily, for me I ask to be upgraded to the latest information of the day. After doing this for years is how these glyphs came to me. A series of information that has upgraded my awareness, increased my health, and has guided me to publish books.

Here’s what we got from this glyphs. The first one is called the “Assimilator”. Assisting one to integrate new information that is coming to us at this time. It is like a filter which assists with waking up the dormant “dust” within you and come alive. Will have to see what this “dormant dust” does? A lot of our DNA and brain capacity is turned off, is this one of the ways to turn it all back on?

Next, comes the “Digester”. Once we receive this new  information we then need to understand it and digest this information so we can use it. In the meditation I felt flowers growing and vining there way through me. It captured the light from the first glyph and then the information was better used to digest these new information. Sometimes receiving new information is ditsturbing and can take a lot of time and understanding to understand what some of these downloads are about. These glyphs are for you to better consume and understand the world you are in right now. When we know where we are, we can know where we are going.

Would love to hear your feedback and what messages you got out of these glyphs…comment below.IMG_0534



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