My Medical Intuitive Theory of Fibromyalgia

The cases of fibromyalgia that have come through my practice typically have the “Princess and the Pea” story. A small agitation that can wreak havoc later on in the body.

Sometimes the issues are only in one or two areas of the body. However, this area of the body can only take so much pain so it distributes that pain throughout the body to lessen the burden on the one area.

Traumatic events of physical, sexual abuse, living with alcoholic parents may be a few of the examples that can happen to a child in there development years that will still traumatize them into adult hood.

Because the child cannot process the trauma of what is going on, the pain gets trapped in the body. When pain cannot be released it is like being trapped in a room with an angry bee hive that has been freshly kicked.

As a Medical intuitive I can trace the specific event that caused Fibromyalgia and with some gently coaxing these events can be better processed and stored away so that those angry bees will be happy and content resting back in the bee hive.
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Medical Intuitive
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