Is sitting for long periods bad for my health? How could this be effecting me in ways of which I am unaware?

Our body mimics what our mind does. If we are sitting at a computer for 20+ hours a week our mind is focused on computer land and is not focused on your body. When we forget about our body the body will respond with pain. The pain is your body begging for attention.
When we give too much of ourselves away to others it makes it hard for the body to replenish itself.

We should be giving more energy to ourselves before we give to others. You can not help or give to anyone if you have nothing or are in poor health yourself.

When people have chronic pain or these mysterious diseases (fibromyalgia) often you can look at the behavior of “you give more than your receive”. Just try breathing like this…breath out, more than you breathe in…careful you may not last too long. This is also what chronic pain is telling us. You can not give away more than you receive. Take a break for yourself. Taking care of yourself first is not being selfish.

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