FREE ebook from the “Aura of Attraction” App

Download HERE Chapter Too Strong Too Weak

Thanks for Checking out the “Aura of Attraction” App

Here is the Free ebook that helps give a little more description to the concept of “You are what you attract“.

If you haven’t checked it out yet and would like to see what you attract…Check out the Facebook Version of “The Aura of Attraction“.

Also available on the iPhone in the App Store called “Aura Attract”

Both Apps are Free and are a great intro to understanding the concepts of “What do you Attract?”

Jacob Caldwell
Medical Intuitive
Twitter @Seattle_Massage
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2 thoughts on “FREE ebook from the “Aura of Attraction” App

    1. Hey Cheryl…”Aura Attract” is short for “the aura of attraction” app for the iPhone….the same App is on Facebook called “The Aura of Attraction” App – Jacob Caldwell

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