Behind the Veil of Cancer Presentation – Download

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Quotes from Dr. Martha Grout, Leonard Coldwell MD, Jerry Tennet MD, Dr Bigelson MD, Ty Bollinger, Tullio Simincini MD

This is one of my on-going presentations that is available by request for groups.

Jacob Caldwell, LMP
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On average it takes 20 years for the latest medical scientific research to become mainstream with the Medical community. It took 25 years for them to acknowledge smoking may cause lung cancer.
With all the “incurables” in this current time do we have time to wait 25 years? Would you like to speed this process up by learning about the current science and skip the wait for mainstream to accept this information?
In this workshop we are going to go over the latest scientific research done by scientists and the techniques of Medical Doctors that have successfully treated Cancer. There have been many cases of successful cancer treatments with Medical Doctors over the decades; but due to suppression and intimation the public is denied this information. Plus we have not reached the 25 year mark for this knowledge to become mainstream.
If you are a visionary and can accept information outside the social norm then you may be able to process this scientific evidence. If you would like to be educated on possible natural solutions that may help sick loved ones or yourself then I invite you to attend this controversial workshop that has been denied by local Cancer Institutions.


One thought on “Behind the Veil of Cancer Presentation – Download

  1. To learn more about suppressed treatments I’ve read Rackateering in Medicine by James P. Carter and The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss. The layman’s book Cancer Free by Bill Henderson has lots of info on cancer treatments that have worked as well.

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