Afternoon Fatigue – Planned?

Afternoon Fatigue Each hour of the day is ruled by a specific organ and afternoon fatigue may be about how much water you drink today and yesterday. The hours of 3-7p are ruled by the Element of Water. The Bladder and the Kidney Meridians. If you have been not drinking enough water, dehydrated, or justContinue reading “Afternoon Fatigue – Planned?”

Behind the Veil of Cancer Presentation – Download

Press Link Below to Download Show Science of Disease2 Quotes from Dr. Martha Grout, Leonard Coldwell MD, Jerry Tennet MD, Dr Bigelson MD, Ty Bollinger, Tullio Simincini MD This is one of my on-going presentations that is available by request for groups. Jacob Caldwell, LMP Seattle Massage Video On average it takes 20 yearsContinue reading “Behind the Veil of Cancer Presentation – Download”